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The 10 Best Craft Desks & Hobby Workstations From Skara New Zealand

Whether your hobby is sewing, model making, drawing or scrap booking, having the right desk for your crafts and hobbies makes a big difference to your comfort or efficiency! The team at Skara has put together a list of our most popular desks to use for crafts or other creative hobbies. Explore the best craft desks for optimised storage, ergonomics and flexibility to display your creations.

At Skara, we only sell high quality products from trusted brands and suppliers with reliable warranties and excellent customer service.  When browsing our range you can be confident that all our products meet our high quality standards.    

Skara Craft Desk With Open Shelve Storage NZ

Skara Craft Desk

W: 1400mm x D:600mm x H:735mm

From: $854.91

Skara Craft Desk

- Your creative work space at home or work!

Available in 12 unique colours. Select the finish of your choice and you can customise your   craft desk into the finished product to match your workspace environment. Available in simply white or a Natural woodgrain options include Aged Ash, Premium Birch or Nordic Pine, Fiordland Elm, Refined Oak. 
Make the Skara Craft Desk the centre piece of your office or creative space.

Showcase your creations or have easy access to materials with the open display shelving. This product is made with environmentally friendly materials, it is made in New Zealand and carries a 10-year warranty. The Skara craft desk can be customised to your needs beyond what you see online. If you require your desk to be slightly longer, shorter or taller we can manufacturer this desk to suit your individual requirements for the ultimate crafting experience.

Casa Craft Desk With Storage Online Furniture NZ

Casa Desk 1600mm

W:1600mm x D:800mm x H:750mm

From: $1331.47

Skara Casa Desk

- The ultimate storage solution for your home office

Elevate your home office with the Casa Desk featuring attached drawers which makes a perfect solution for storage for all your creative supplies and materials. The large 1600 x 800mm work area makes for a great craft desk. This sleek and functional workspace combines style and organisation, helping you stay productive and clutter-free. Experience the perfect blend of form and function with this modern Casa desk.  Available in a range of colours to complement your existing décor.

2 drawer desk

W:1200 x D:600 x H:725

From: $402.50

Zealand 2 Drawer Desk

- The simple space saver

This simple desk is the perfect small craft desk where space is limited.  It has 2 drawers for storing all your craft supplies keeping your work space free for all your creative ideas This 2 drawer desk is a popular choice for those looking for a simple desk and drawers for storage. This desk is available in white, black, grey, carbon and a range of woodgrain styles. This is a perfect desk for students and hobbyists and is ideal for a bedroom, small home office or study nooks.

Rola Folding Craft Table

Rola Systems : Folding Table : W180cm x D80cm

W:1800mm x D:800mm


Rola Systems Folding Table

– Create, fold and store

This desk offers a large 1800 x 800 work space area for all of your creative ideas.  It is an ideal craft desk for scrapbooking, puzzles, sewing and any other creative projects and hobbies. Once you have finished creating, this desk can simply fold up and be stored away. It could also be used as a secondary craft table to expand your work area.

Ryder Luxury Hobby Desk

Ryder Desk 1600mm

W:1600mm x D:1800mm x H:750mm

From: $1093.19

Ryder Desk

– Natural and Sophisticated

A smart, modern and stylish desk designed to suit any home office environment. A minimalistic simple design yet giving ample storage featuring 4 drawers to keep your work space tidy and clutter free. Available in a range of sophisticated woodgrain colours to suite your home office décor. A natural looking design to inspire your creativity.  If you are looking for a craft desk that exudes luxury and sophistication – look no further than the Skara Ryder desk.

Skara Access Desk

W:800mm x D:1020mm x H:1600mm

From: $1250.97

Skara Access Desk

– A hidden Gem

This desk folds away into a bookshelf and is a great choice where space is limited. This desk opens out of the bookcase creating a workspace area for all those simple hobbies, work ideas and creations.

The open shelves above are a nice way to display your finished creations or add some extra storage to your work space. Once you have finished simply fold the desk away. A simple but elegant option for a craft desk and storage display when space is limited.

Enhance Electric Adjustable Stand Up Desk 1800mm

W:1800 x D:700mm x H:660-1285mm

From: $1424.85

Zealand Enhance Electric Height Adjustable Desk

– Ultimate Comfort

The Zealand Enhance Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a great option if you spend a long time at your desk working on your crafts/hobbies. The flexibility to change the height and allow your to work either sitting or standing can extend the time you can spend working on your projects without fatigue.  

Unlike most standing desks, the Zealand Enhance desks come in a wide range of colours.  Choose from 20 colours and your will be sure to find an option that matches your style and inspires creativity.

This electrically adjustable stand up desk is made in New Zealand using high quality materials for long lasting, reliable quality. Combined with cable management solutions this piece equally suits the home, office, or school. The Enhance Standing desks come in a range of sizes including straight desks and corner workstations, making them a great choice for your craft desk when comfort and ergonomics are important for you.

Craft Desk With Display Shelf Storage

Skara Home Office Hub

W:1600mm x D:600mm x H:1400mm

From: $1308.93

Skara Home Office Hub

– Showcase your designs

This craft desk is a creative combination of workspace, display and storage. Transform your home office or hobby room with the Hub Desk featuring 6 cubes and 2 drawers. This multifunctional workspace solution combines style and storage, providing you with the perfect hub for productivity and organisation. Improve your home office setup with this all-in-one hub desk. Showcase your creations while hiding all the mess! The open shelves/cubes are great for displaying painted models, sculptures, photo albums, knitted creations and more. A simple yet modern design for a craft desk. The hub desk makes a perfect office or study environment for small spaces offering ample storage plus desk space all within easy reach.

Zealand Whiteboard Rectangle Table 1800mm x 750mm

W:1800mm x D:750mm x H:520mm

From: $747.04

Zealand Whiteboard Table

– Group Craft Table

This multifunctional table is perfect for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and creative work. Its smooth, whiteboard surface encourages collaboration and creativity. Add a touch of innovation to your environment with this versatile and sleek craft table. The Rectangle Whiteboard Table is available in a wave or straight table designs.

These heavy-duty  crafting tables are a popular choice for art classes in schools and craft activities in community centres. A great option for multiple users. The tables have thin and sturdy legs allow you to get the maximum people around it. Heavy-duty with an easy to clean top. 

Round Craft Table - Round Art Table

Zealand School Whiteboard Table 900mm

H:520mm x W:900mm

From: $516.81

School Whiteboard Table

– Classroom Art Table

The Round Whiteboard Table is a perfect choice for group crafts and collaboration. This multifunctional piece merges workspace and whiteboard, providing an interactive platform for meetings and brainstorming sessions. Add a touch of modernity to your office or classroom with this innovative table. These white tables are great for collaboration or projects providing space for multiple people to site around the table. It is a popular choice in school art classes.

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