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The Best Cubby Holes Storage For The Office & Classroom

Looking for the perfect cubby hole storage solution for your office or classroom? Skara NZ offers a fantastic range of cubby hole storage units to keep your space tidy and organised. These cubby hole storage units range from 4 to 16 cubes. Some of these units come with added features like drawers, cupboards, or whiteboards. You can choose from an wide selection of colours, styles, and brands to match your needs and preferences. Plus, we offer free urban delivery within New Zealand!Here’s a breakdown of the best options available:

12 Cube, 4 Drawer Storage Unit

From: $1271.90

12 Cube, 4 Drawer Storage Unit

- The ultimate storage solution

This versatile and colourful storage solution combines style and functionality, making it a perfect addition to any home, office or educational setting. Available in 20 colour options so you can find the perfect style to suit your space.  

Blue White Large 16 Cubby Hole Unit

16 Cube Cubby Hole Unit

From: $716.45

16 Cube Cubby Hole Unit

- Playful organisation for the classroom

Add a pop of colour and practicality to your classroom with our 16 Cube Cubby Unit in bright, eye-catching hues. Keep your educational materials and supplies neatly organised in a fun and playful way. This sturdy and versatile unit is the perfect addition to any learning environment

Cubby Hole 6 Cube 2 Drawer Storage

Cubby Hole 6 Cube 2 Drawers

From: $764.75

Cubby Hole 6 Cube 2 Drawer

– Versitle storage, small footprint

Upgrade your home and office organization with our versatile 6 Cube Cubby. This stylish unit features two convenient drawers and stands on sturdy 50mm feet. Perfect for decluttering your space while adding a touch of modern elegance. Available in 20 colours this storage unit is a popular choice for the home office or small spaces.


8 Cube Cubby Hole Storage

8 Cube Storage Unit

From: $608.35

8 Cube Storage Unit

– Versatile Storage Solution

Introducing the Zealand 8-Cube Cubby with 50mm Feet – your versatile storage solution! This stylish and sturdy cubby offers ample space to organise your belongings in any room. With its sleek design and durable 50mm feet, it’s both functional and chic. Perfect for decluttering and showcasing your favourite items. Get yours today and transform your space effortlessly!


Wallunit Hutch 1500mm

From: $516.35

Wall Hutch Units

– Stylish Storage

The Zealand Hutch Units are available in a range of sizes. This sleek and functional addition provides ample storage and organisation options while maintaining a cohesive and stylish look for your office setup. Elevate your productivity with this seamless combination of form and function. Available in 20 different colour choices.

4 Cube Storage Unit

From: $418.60

4 Cube Storage Unit

– Perfect for any space

Upgrade your storage game with this stylish 4 Cube Cubby! This versatile shelving unit features 50mm feet for added stability and a modern touch. Perfect for organising your space, it’s a sleek and practical addition to any room. Choose from a wide range of colours and tidy up with ease!


8 Cube Mobile Cubby Hole With Wheels

Mobile Bookcase 1200mm

From: $835.59

Mobile Bookcase

– Storage wherever you need it

Energize your classroom with our Bright Double-Sided Classroom Bookcase. This sturdy and vibrant bookcase is perfect for keeping books and educational materials accessible from both sides, promoting an engaging learning environment. A must-have for teachers seeking practicality and a pop of color in their classroom.


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Sit on Trolley 1200mm

From: $685.86

Sit on trolley

– Versatile Mobile Storage

Maximize classroom organization with our Mobile Sit-On Classroom Storage Trolley. This versatile and mobile storage solution is perfect for keeping educational materials handy while offering a convenient sitting surface. Ideal for teachers on the move, it’s a must-have for an organized and flexible learning environment.


Teachers Wall Storage Unit White & Blue

Teachers Wall Unit – Open Base

From: $792.12

Teachers Wall Unit Storage

– The Ideal Classroom Storage

Elevate your classroom with our Bright Teacher’s Wall Unit. This space-saving, colorful unit features a combination of cupboards and open shelving, providing versatile storage solutions for teachers. Organise your teaching essentials in style, and bring a cheerful vibe to your educational space with this must-have piece.


Teachers Wall Unit Storage Cupboard With Whiteboard

Teachers Wall Unit 1200mm with Whiteboard

From: $1832.18

Teachers Storage Unit With Whiteboard

– Organisation & Engagement

This multifunctional storage unit features a porcelain magnetic whiteboard, convenient storage cupboards, and open shelving. Perfect for keeping your classroom organised and engaging, it’s a must-have for educators looking to combine practicality with a splash of color.

Zealand Education Range Cubby Holes

- A bright and cheerful addition to any educational environment

Revamp your classroom or daycare centre with the Zealand Office Furniture education range of cubby holes. These colourful and versatile storage solutions bring organisation and vibrancy to your learning space. Ideal for teachers and students alike, it’s a smart and cheerful addition to any educational environment. Available in a wide range of sizes and colour options.

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